Deniz Mercan graduated from Mimar Sinan University, majoring in Art and Design of Textile in 1986.

Following her work for several Italian leading brands such as Valentino, Cerruti and Emporio Armani starting in 1988, she continued her fashion journey in 1992 as a freelance designer to which she persists to this day along with her own brands Deniz Mercan and denizens. 

Her many years of experience in the Italian fashion industry combined with her personal taste, Deniz describes herself as a citizen of the world and represents her broad cultural view on fashion through her playful, simplistic yet daring designs. Aside for a striving and growing multi-cultural intellect, Deniz Mercan’s designs have a specific focus on high quality knitwear, swimwear and lingerie.

“I want to mirror everything I am and do in my garments.”